Fairview Half Marathon and 5K Course Details

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Quick Overview

The course will take you through beautiful scenic countryside of Fairview, Texas. The roadways are a mixture of concrete and asphalt, with the majority being asphalt road surface.

You'll experience the rolling hills of a town who prides itself in "Keepin' It Country" while enjoying a mix of darling farms and pastures, and beautiful neighborhoods of large homes and perfectly manicured yards!

The half marathon and 5K courses are USATF-certified.


Half Marathon Course Map:

The half marathon course is the same course that has been run since 2014.

5K Course Map:

5K Map in PDF Format

Map My Run 5K course map available. The course will be measured and marked to the 3.1 mile distance, so don't worry that this map "appears" to be a different distance since it's done roughly and not exact measurements of each turn or start/finish location, and not measured along the tangents of the route.


Aid stations and Portalets:
On the half marathon course, aid stations with 2 portalets each will be every 2.5 to 3 miles. Water will be at all of the aid stations and Lemon-Lime Gatorade at most of the aid stations, and then water handed out at the finish as well. There will not be any water at the start of the race, so bring water if you need it before the race start. If you need more hydration than these locations, this is your responsibility, and we suggest you carry a handheld water bottle or wear a fuel belt in that instance. If you need any advice on the best hydration solution for carrying fluids during your run or walk, we're happy to help - just email us and we can advise to the best of our ability and recommend places where you can purchase hydration gear!

There will be one water-only aid station on the 5K course around mile 1.4.


Course Time Limit:
There is a 4 hour time limit for the half marathon. Those maintaining a walking pace of 18:15 per mile or faster should be able to complete the event in the required time.

The course will close in sections at a 18 minute per mile pace. Once a section of the course is closed, any participants not meeting the required 18 minute per mile pace may continue but will not have any course support or aid support. Those over an 18 minute per mile pace will be removed from the course at the last aid station for their safety.


Impact on Residents:
We want this to be a great community event, enjoyable for both the participants and the residents. Spectators will be encouraged to spectate at the start/finish and Sloan Creek Middle School only, and not in residential neighborhoods. Participants will be spread out, and we anticipate delays of no more than 15 minutes at the busiest times for residents. No roads on the route are closed. Runners will either have a lane dedicated to them or will be to the side or shoulder. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.



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