April 25, 2020
8:00 AM
5K / 10K / 15K / 1 Mile

Fairview Town Hall
372 Town Pl
Fairview, Texas 75069


Fairview Half Marathon and 5K Course Details

Aid Stations and Portlets | Course Time Limit | Impact on Residents

Quick Overview

The course will take you out and back on the roads and a brand-new hike and bike trail in beautiful Fairview.

The 5K will be one out-and-back loop. The 10K will be 2 loops. The 15K will be 3 loops.


Aid stations:
There will be one aid station partway through each loop. Water and Lemon-Lime Gatorade will be served.

There will not be any water at the start of the race, so bring water if you need it before the race start. If you need more hydration than these locations, this is your responsibility, and we suggest you carry a handheld water bottle or wear a fuel belt in that instance. If you need any advice on the best hydration solution for carrying fluids during your run or walk, we're happy to help - just email us and we can advise to the best of our ability and recommend places where you can purchase hydration gear!


Course Time Limit:
There is a 3 hour time limit. So even for those in the longest distance, those maintaining a walking pace of 19:15 per mile or faster should be able to complete the event in the required time.

Walkers are very welcome to our events!




Impact on Residents:
We want this to be a great community event, enjoyable for both the participants and the residents. Spectators will be encouraged to spectate at the start/finish. Fairview Parkway between Ridgeview and Indian Springs will be closed race morning. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.






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