2017 Fairview Half Marathon Pace Squad

We're happy to be offering pacers for a variety of finish times to either give you company on that first half marathon, help you accomplish your time goal, or maybe help some veteran runners set a new personal record! We have one of the biggest pacing offerings in a local half marathon, with 5 minutes intervals from 1:45 to 3:00 finish times and also a pace team for a 3:30 goal finish. 36 veteran runners are ready to help YOU!


Click on a goal finish time to skip down to that pace team's biographies and pictures. Thank you to Andy Rose, our Pace Squad Organizer! Questions about the pacers? Email pacesquad@theactivejoe.com.


Goal Finish Time Pacer Pacer
1:45 Jonathan Celone Craig Carrell
1:50 Melissa Davis Kate Phillips
1:55 Yoshi Sasaki Heather Latham
2:00 Vanessa Antoine Carlos Del Pino
2:05 Lisa Keener Angela Andrews
2:10 Valarie Fratiani Larisa Parsons
2:15 Cara Johnson Meghan Klement
2:20 Katherine Montgomery Christi Crow
2:25 Brandi Barnhill Letty Uribe
2:30 Marisa Sifuentes Suki Kourounis
2:35 Natalie Baerwaldt Jennifer Daw
2:40 Brandon Vallair Ken Lettre
2:45 Belinda Ponce Martika Damico
2:50 Meghan O'Gorman Tara Allgood
2:55 Chris Higman Tom Johnson
3:00 Adelisa Grace Walker Morgan Ray
3:30 Gordon McKenzie Drew Pelletier
Alternate Pacers Andy Rose Jennifer Van Vlack



Pacer Bios and Pictures

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1:45 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Jonathan Celone
Jonathan started running five years ago and enjoys taking on new running challenges. His most recent achievement was completing the Disney World Dopey Challenge of 48.6 miles in four days! Jonathan is a regular member of the Pace Squad and looks forward to providing the same confident and consistent pacing standards you can find at any other The Active Joe race!





Craig Carrell
Craig started running in 2001 with a half marathon as a challenge from a friend and hasn’t looked back since. He is a Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher and 2 x Ironman Triathlon finisher. He runs 12-15 races annually and enjoys the half marathon as his favorite distance. He started a church running group because he loves to share his passion and joy of running with others. Pacing gives him the opportunity to help others reach their running goals, but most importantly have fun while doing so. He is a father of 3 girls(25, 21 and 11) and an active member of his church!




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1:50 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Melissa Davis
Melissa is a mom of two and a high school science teacher. She has a passion for fitness and completed her Masters in Exercise Science. She has been running for over twenty years from 5Ks to marathons to triathlons. Some of her favorite running memories are training runs with great friends. She loves to help others achieve their running goals and looks forward to pacing the half.





Kate Phillips
Katlyn started Couch to 5k five years and has never looked back! She loves running and racing all distances from 5k up to 70k with the marathon being her favorite distance. Some of her most memorable races have been those run with others, most recently pacing a dear friend to her first Boston Qualifier at the Missoula Marathon! She is excited to run with you in Fairview to help you achieve your goal and have FUN!







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1:55 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Yoshi Sasaki
Yoshi has run 56 full marathons in his life and is a 4 time-Boston-qualifier. His marathon journeys are not only for US major races but also international races such as Tokyo, Paris, Medoc and Rio de Janeiro. He likes to pace the race and tell other runners how running makes your life enjoyable. His wife started running 2 years ago and now they make tours together for race few times a year. His life never slows down.




Heather Latham
Heather loves running and is addicted to the accomplishment that comes with crossing the finish line. About 2009 Heather found herself in her 30’s and decided to do something fun to stay in shape besides hitting the gym. She found the local running club and started running with them. It was inspiring to listen to other runner’s stories during the training runs. A few months later she heard about Hood to Coast and decided to make the commitment. Discovering the thrill of relay running she took it to the next level. She has run many half and full marathons. Craziest thing Heather has ever done was run Quadzilla. Four marathon in four days. Currently she is on a journey to run in all 50 states. She also loves traveling and spending time with her husband, son, family and friends. She looks forward to encouraging you and helping you achieve your running goals at the Fairview Half.



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2:00 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Vanessa Antoine
Vanessa is my name, and RUNNING is my game! Though she has run many distances including Ultra Marathons, the Half Marathon is her favorite distance for a “party and a workout”! She’s been running for more than 20 years, and is well known in our racing community for being all smiles for the entire course of any race. She is so excited to be part of The Active Joe Pace Squad, and is especially thrilled to be bringing runners in at the 2-hour finishing mark for the Fairview Half Marathon! So, lace up, train up and make sure those pearly whites are ready to shine – we’ve got Fairview to conquer!







Carlos del Pino
This is Carlos’s bio. His wife did it for him, He think it's accurate.

Carlos M. Del Pino was born a small — yet big headed child in the outskirts of Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Somewhat of a beach town, funnily enough, he never learned to swim. As a growing boy, his passion turned to running. By the time he was in his twenties, he ran like Forrest Gump towards the border and made Dallas, TX his home. Slowly but surely, he made friends in the running community despite his head not becoming proportionate to his body. In his spare time he runs 30 miles on the treadmill, plays guitar badly, draws, paints, travels and likes to annoy his wife with jokes that he has to explain.




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2:05 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Letty Uribe
Letty began running when she signed up for her first 10K in November 2012. It was only for fun she told herself then signed up for a few small local races the following year. In 2014, she joined her gym's run group, Life Time Run where she currently is a Run Lead/Coach. After running her first half marathon in October 2014, she instantly fell in love with the 13.1 distance. Fourteen half marathons later (several as a pacer) and 4 marathons (one as a pacer), running is her happy place. Pacing has become one of her passions because she loves giving back to the running community by helping and encouraging runners to achieve their goal! She's looking forward to meeting you at the Fairview Half Marathon and getting you across that finish line in 2:05!





Angela Andrews
Angela started running from scratch four years ago and hasn't looked back! She has run over a dozen half marathons and a handful of full marathons and recently completed her first 50k. She loves to pace because so many have helped her in her running journey and she loves being able to give back! She has several big goals including her long-term goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. She has a supportive husband and two little girls who cheer her on at every race they can, including those she paces and they inspire her to keep on running!







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2:10 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Valarie Fratiani & Larisa Parsons
Valarie and Larisa are great friends who share a love for running and having fun! Larisa leads a local running group, providing the routes and workouts, while Valarie provides the fun and entertainment. While balancing life with 2 kids each, jobs, volunteering, etc., they always find time for running the streets of Allen with friends. (It’s great therapy!) Between the two they have completed 9 marathons and countless half marathons. After successfully pacing several friends to PR’s, they “officially” paced The Showdown Half in 2016, having a blast every mile! They are excited to be back for The Fairview Half as they love helping others achieve their running goals. The plan is to make sure their pace group has the most fun running 13.1 miles- EVER!


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2:15 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Cara Johnson & Meghan Klement
Cara & Meghan are two moms that teach high school science and run daily as their therapy session and to support their ice cream and chocolate addictions. You don't typically see an Aggie (Meghan) and a Longhorn (Cara) run together but they have been running partners for over 4 years despite their rivalry (although there may be a little smack talking here and there). During runs, they rarely have a lull in conversation. They always make sure to have fun, so spending 13.1 miles with them in Fairview is guaranteed to breeze by!



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2:20 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Katherine Montgomery
Katherine made a life decision in 2007 to be a healthier person. She has run 14 half marathons, 1 full marathon, several 10ks and 5ks. She also completed a Ragnar Relay in Colorado (200+ miles,) the Texas Independence Relay (200+ miles) twice and the Ragnar Hill Country Trail relay (46.2.) She’s recently taken interest in triathlons and have completed 4 sprints. Katherine is married, a mom to two very energetic boys and she works full-time. She LOVES the outdoors. She truly appreciates being part of a community of like-minded people. She enjoys encouraging runners and looking forward to giving back to the running community. She’s so very excited to be pacing Fairview!!!




Christi Crow
Christi started running in 2012 for weight loss after the birth of her daughter. 1 mile eventually led to 26.2. Her dream was always to run the Walt Disney World Marathon in memory of her son Colt who passed away from cancer at the age of 3. She completed that dream in 2015 and has since completed 13 half marathons and 6 marathons. She loves being a pacer because the running community has made such an impact on her, and it's an awesome way to give back and encourage other runners to pursue their dreams! She can't wait to see you in Fairview and get you to the finish line!



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2:25 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Brandi Barnhill
Brandi began running 5k’s in 2010. Her first half marathon was in 2013. After numerous half marathons, she decided to run a full marathon in 2016. One of her biggest joys is sharing the love of running with her husband, Brandon. Brandi belongs to a local running group and is also the run coordinator for her group. She enjoys seeing the joy of people achieving their goals, whether distance or pace. Brandi finds pacing every bit as satisfying as running her own races.






Lisa Keener
Lisa has been running for 10 years and continues to enjoy every minute of it! Her running career started when she finally stopped believing that she couldn’t run and said yes I can run. She thanks her best friend for inspiring her to run and believing in her. Lisa is goal oriented and knows that if you set goals for yourself you can and will achieve them. Surrounding yourself with like minded people, will also help motivate and encourage you to crush those goals that you set for yourself. This is Lisa’s second year pacing the Fairview Half Marathon and she can’t wait to help you cross the finish line!






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2:30 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Marisa Sifuentes
Marisa started running in June 2014 when she joined her gym's run club and have since run various 5ks, 10ks, halfs and marathons. Running is her therapy and although it is an individual sport she have made many good friends that share the same passion she does. In her short time running she also had the opportunity and pleasure of pacing a few races and enjoys that as well as it is a great feeling helping others experience the joy of running. Marissa is very excited to pace Fairview half marathon this year and look forward to running with you!

Suki Kourounis
Suki started running in 1976 and has run over 93,000 miles plus since then. New York City Marathon was her 1st marathon in 1986 and she’s been unstoppable since then! She has run well over 250 marathons and ultra marathons such as 50K, 50 mile, 100k to 100 mile & 24hr. Suki has also run National Championship races and a 7 day International Ultra marathon, LOUTRAKI in Greece in 2006, she ran for 534 Km. She was a run group coach at Lifetime Fitness Plano from 2005-2008. Running and fitness is her passion for most of her adult life! Suki is very excited to run with you in Paris Half Marathon to help you achieve your goal and have a lots of FUN!





2:35 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Natalie Baerwaldt
Natalie Baerwaldt is a proud mother of two amazing girls and wife to a fantastic husband. Natalie is a lifelong runner and has been racing for the past four years. She completed her first marathon with her husband in 2013 and broke the 4-hour mark on marathon #6 at Fort Worth in 2015 (03:59:10). Running is her mental rejuvenation (aka therapy) and 15K is her preferred distance for racing or for leisure. Natalie is so excited to see you in Fairview!






Jennifer Daw
Her name is Jennifer and she’ll be one of your 2:35 pacers! She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to share 13.1 miles with anyone that is ready to have some fun! Running brings her such joy and she has her twin 6 year old boys to blame on how it all began. They were NICU preemies and she was determined to run her first half for them a year after they were born. They are and will always be her 'why'. So that year she ran, she conquered, and fell in love with running! Fairview will be her 19th half and couldn't be more excited!







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2:40 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Brandon Vallair
Brandon is a husband, father of 4 and owner of RunForSpeed.com and the EXCELR8 Running Club, one of the largest running clubs in the DFW area based out of Wylie. He literally paces for a living and has helped clients complete distances from 5Ks to Full Marathons including several events with The Active Joe. As an avid runner, he's run events from 100m to 100 miles. Brandon enjoys giving back to the running community and he feels pacing is a great way to do that. He looks forward to getting you from the starting line to the end of the Fairview Half Marathon!






Ken Lettre
Ken picked up running in 1998 after he realized he had to do something to lose weight. Since then he has run 20 full marathons and over 50 half marathons. Ken is an RRCA-certified running coach and has been coaching for the past 10 years. Currently Ken coaches a “Galloway” run group in Houston. Ken believes in having FUN while running… and has been known to tell a story or 2 as well as sing during races. (Get your song requests ready!) The bottom-line: He loves to share his love of running with all! Come join Ken for the 2:40 promise land!



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2:45 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Belinda Ponce
Belinda Ponce was raised in Fairview and currently resides in McKinney, Texas. She began fast walking and running 4 years ago, when she was asked in 2015 to train for my first half marathon. She currently runs with Lifetime, Cooper, MRC & RunOn. Running has become her passion. She loves to pace, to inspire others to run and make them feel that they can "ACHIEVE" their goals. She has completed several 5K, 10K, 15K, 10 - Half Marathons, 1 - Marathon & a 50K. I look forward to pacing the De Paris Half Marathon on March 4, 2017.




Martika Damico
Martika is a mother of two beautiful daughters and has been running for a few years now! She has completed Half marathons,marathons and two 50ks. Martika loves running and the Amazing friendships that it brings!





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2:50 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Meghan O'Gorman
Meghan began running in 2012 in order to lose weight. After a couple knee injuries, she started training for her first 5k. In October 2014, she ran her first race at the Dallas Mavericks 5k and was hooked! She completed her first Half Marathon at The Color Half in March of 2015. Since then she has ran numerous smaller distance races, 23 half marathons, and 1 full at Little Rock in March of 2016. Her goal for 2017 is to complete her first 50k in May. She has been active with the Irving Running Club since 2015, and loves running and meeting new friends. Meghan is excited to share her love for running and motivate you for 13 miles to reach your 2:50 goal!




Gigi Smith
Gigi started running in 2014 with a goal of one day completing a half marathon. Gigi trained by herself for the Dallas RNR in 2015 and never really committed to running with others until she realized how encouraging and beneficial it was to run with a group. Since then, Gigi has completed multiple 5K's, 10K's, half marathons and her first marathon, OKC Memorial, in 2016. Needless to say, she did it with a group of fantastic friends who made the experiences incredibly fun. Gigi has started a run group with her church and looks forward to encouraging others to fall in love with the sport of running. Join her for The Fairview Half 2:50 pace and experience the greatness of running with those who thoroughly celebrate the accomplishments of others.


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2:55 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Chris Higman
As a former swimmer, Chris has found that running allows him to have fun and talk while he’s doing it. :) Chris started running about 4 years ago while looking for an exercise he could do that would provide flexibility around his family. He was hooked! Pacing The Active Joe races is always one of his running highlights and he’s met so many great people. He looks forward to meeting you at the Fairview Half Marathon!






Tom Johnson
Tom has been a runner for more than 45 years and appreciates that it's one of the great "lifetime" sports. Over the years Tom has competed in races from 5K to 50 miles and everything in between. He loves that sense of accomplishment one gets when setting goals and then working hard to achieve them. Further, Tom has great passion for helping others experience that fantastic feeling of accomplishment as well. So, if you're looking to complete your first half marathon or striving to beat the three hour mark, then join Tom and his long time pacing partner Chris Higman, at the Fairview Half Marathon. They promise to include some laughs, good conversation, lots of encouragement and, who knows, maybe even a PR for you. Let's do this!





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3:00 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Morgan Ray
Morgan Ray started running mid 2010 for the first time and got bitten by the run bug! Since then she has run many 5ks, 10ks, several 15ks, and 16 Half Marathons. While training Morgan and her husband welcomed 2 beautiful little girls into the world- now ages 2 and 5. Morgan has always enjoyed helping others, working as a personal trainer while in college and graduation nursing school in 2008. Now a stay at home mom Morgan loves to run whenever she can. One of her goals this year is to train for her first full marathon. Morgan is looking forward to pacing this race and helping others fulfill their running goals - no matter the pace!






Grace Walker
Grace started running 3 years ago because she likes food and running allows her to indulge in that passion. She started with a Couch to 5K program and started running 5Ks until she joined a local running club. During one of the Saturday long runs a runner said running a half marathon would be fun and she was already trained for it. She has since found a true passion for running and enjoys sharing that passion with others. You often will see Grace and her sisters at races running together. She has run 20+ half marathons and 2 full marathons. She loves the challenge of self-improvement and is always looking to get a little bit better. She enjoys pacing races and helping runners reach their goals.



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3:30 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Gordon McKenzie
Gordon started running in 2012 as training for the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon. Later that year he completed the Disneyland Half and Disney Wine & Dine Half and hasn’t slowed down since. He qualified and joined the Half Fanatics running club in 2015 after completing his first full marathon as part of the Disney World Dopey Challenge. Fairview will be his 34th half marathon on the way to completing 40 by years’ end. Gordon will also be attempting his qualification runs into Marathon Maniacs later this year by running the Chicago full, Route 66 full, and Rock n Roll San Antonio full before the 2018 Dopey Challenge. He may not be the fastest runner, but he gets there with a smile on his face and usually a kilt around his waist.




Drew Pelletier
This is Drew. And there are many Jeffs in the world, and many Toms as well. But this... is Drew. You maybe thinking, And...? But are you Drew? No you are not. Neither is Scott Baio Drew. Frank Gifford is not Drew. But this... is Drew. The Running bug hit in February 2011 when he did my first half marathon. Since then he has done over a hundred of them and several marathons , a ton of 5 and 10K's for the heck of it. The Active Joe and Rock and Roll series tend to be where most of my race money is spent, and for good reason. Drew belongs to the Rock and Roll Gypsies, NTX, Black Sheep and Hogwarts Running Club. People seem to like running with him, he can't tell you why. Not the slightest clue. However if you want to find out, come see him at Fairview!


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Alternate Pacers

These are two strong runners who are comfortable running anything from a 1:50 to 3:00. They will fill in for any last-minute problems where a pacer can’t attend (sick, emergency, sick family, etc.). If all the pacers show, they’ll choose which pace team they want to run with to help out those participants!

Andrew Rose
Andrew has been running since 2011 when he began running to raise funds in memory of his nephew Mavrick after he lost his battle with leukemia, fell in love with running, and hasn’t stopped since. He has ran a bunch of half marathons, marathons, and six 50Ks. His most memorable races are those where he has paced, either on a team or one on one with a friend, and thus been a part of helping someone achieve a new race distance, a new personal record, or just pushing through the walls along the way. He looks forward to seeing you all out there with our amazing pacers to accomplish your goal at the Fairview Half Marathon!






Jennifer Van Vlack
Jennifer started running (2013) after the birth of her first child to lose the baby weight, with the goal of running one half marathon, which seemed impossible. She has since completed over 25 half marathons, 12 marathons and four ultra-marathons (50k and 50m). She is a member of the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers and can be found running there three to four times a week. She has signed up for her first 100 mile race, a challenge inspired from the fun she had at the New Years Double. By pacing, she enjoys helping others to exceed their own expectations.






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