Fairview Half Marathon 2019 Pace Team

We're looking for happy runners and walkers to be part of our half marathon pace team! We are looking for pacers for goals of finish times in 5 minutes intervals from 1:50 to 3:00. If you are interested in pacing the race, read on - we hope you'll join us!


What a Pacer Does

Pacers run the same speed through the whole race so that each mile takes the same length of time. We have a buddy system so every goal finish time has two pacers, in case someone needs to run ahead for a potty break or has an injury on course or if a pacer needs to stay with a runner until medical appears. During the race, each pace team of 2 trades back and forth holding a super light pace stick with their goal time.

Pacers are also emissaries for running - you are there to support and help many new half marathoners achieve their dream of crossing that finish line, you can help make the 13.1 miles more fun and more comfortable for someone struggling, and you can help veteran half marathoners set new personal records for achieving their time goals!

Pacers receive:

  • a free race entry.
  • recognition online with their picture and bio.
  • the adoration from the runners they help, which is an incredible feeling to help someone achieve their goals.
  • a special shirt for pacing so that the whole pace team matches at the start line race day.


How to Apply to Be a Pacer

For our race, Andrew Rose is our head of the Pace Squad. He has led our pace squads for several years for both for this race and at our fall race, The Showdown Half Marathon.

If you are already registered for the race and chosen as a pacer, we will refund any entry fees you paid.

Email Andrew at PaceSquad@TheActiveJoe.com to apply to be a pacer. Include the following (feel free to cut and paste and add your info):

a) Introduce yourself and a couple sentences about why you want to be a pacer.

b) Rank your top 3 choices of pacing finish times (goals are 5 minute intervals from 1:50 to 3:00).

c) Your three last half marathon finishes - race name, year, finish time, any explanation if off of your normal finish time.

d) State that you agree to the Pacer Terms of Conduct below.

You will not be considered if you don't include this info!

Preference is given to those who already enjoy and run The Active Joe races and to those who have performed well as a pacer for us in the past.

After a few weeks of collecting applications, Andrew will make recommendations, and race management will make final selections for pacers.


Pacer Terms of Conduct

Like we mentioned before, pacers are emissaries for the sport of running and representative of the race and its brand. As such, we have a few terms of conduct we expect pacers to abide by. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a pacer not being extended an opportunity to pace in the future, or to be removed as a pacer before race day.

1. Pacers are expected to be an active ambassador for the event and the brand (The Active Joe events). This includes informing your running community, running clubs and groups, and your friends about the event and encouraging people to join you race day through personal reach-outs and social media. Runners can reference you as their referral during a question in the registration process.

2. Pacers need to "like" the Facebook page to keep informed. We'd appreciate if you interact with our posts, sharing them, etc. to distribute info about the race to keep runners informed so they can be ready for race day and so runners can feel familiar with the pacers by name as excited emissaries for race day!

3. The following can cause us to remove a pacer from the pace team:
a) Unethical acts
b) Not abiding by rules at other races (banditting, unapproved use of others' race bibs, cheating)
c) Lack of courtesy for runners, spectators, or race or city officials
d) Acts viewed as not matching up with our friendly, all-are-welcome, let's-just-get-active-together brand


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