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Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan
The Coach | Intro to the Plan | The Plan | Words of Caution


The Coach

Donnie Campbell is the Regional Metabolic Specialist for Texas at Life Time Fitness. He is responsible for all the cardiovascular testing, staff education and program design related to cardiovascular fitness and performance. He holds a Bachelors of Education in Physical Education from the University of Edinburgh, a Master of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and has 4 personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine which include corrective exercise and sports specific performance enhancement. He have been working as a personal trainer/coach since 1998.

Donnie works with all ends of the fitness spectrum from first timers just trying to complete an event to experienced athletes who are looking to finish on the podium. He uses the latest technology and science to determine your physiological capacities and then customizes a training program that fits your goals and your life.

If you have questions about the plan, are interested in completing a VO2 assessment, or would like to work directly with Coach Donnie, he can be reached via email at dcampbell3@lifetimefitness.com


Intro to the Plan

The Intermediate half marathon training plan is a 4 day a week program designed for those who have a base weekly mileage of 15-20 miles with the ability to complete an 8 mile long run. Ideally you would complete a VO2 max or anaerobic/lactate threshold assessment prior to commencing the plan. However, in lieu of such a test you can use Rate of Perceived (RPE) exertion to guide your pace (see chart below).


Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)


Maximal Effort


Really, Really Hard


Really Hard




Kind of Hard








Very Easy



The weekly training runs consist of:

  • A Threshold interval – long duration work intervals at a pace close to target race pace (RPE 6-7) with slow recovery intervals (RPE 3-4)
  • A Peak effort interval (Track) – short duration work intervals at a pace faster than your 5K race pace (RPE of 8 or above) with very slow recovery intervals (RPE 2)
  • A long slow run with some pick-up intervals – at a pace much slower than race pace, with pick-ups intervals close to target race pace (RPE of 3-4, pick-ups RPE of 6-7)
  • A short slow recovery – at a pace much slower than race pace (RPE of 3-4)

(if you’re interested in a plan more suited to your individual schedule and goals, consider individual coaching.)


The Plan

This is a 10 week half marathon intermediate training plan. Click here to see the plan in a printable PDF...


Words of Caution

You accept this training plan at your own risk. You understand that any fitness plan should not be undertaken without the guidance and supervision of your doctor. These plans are provided as a tool for general guidance.

The Active Joe, Fairview Half Marathon, and the coaches providing these training plans are not responsible for any injuries arising from this generalized training plan.

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